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Pray for Us, Lorraine

Lorraine Hunt Lieberson
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Lisa Hirsch and Alex Ross reported yesterday morning the news that is now appearing in newspapers. The rumors that were circulating about beloved soprano Lorraine Hunt Lieberson were, sadly, all too true: after a long struggle that we thought she had won, Ms. Lieberson has died of liver cancer.

Obituaries are appearing today in other news sources: Bloomberg News (Norman Lebrecht), the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, and there will likely be many more tributes as the news sinks in. As sister, daughter, wife, she will be missed, and our condolences go to her family, especially her husband, Peter Lieberson. Certainly, for all of us who loved to hear her sing, it is a sad, sad day.


jfl said...
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Princess Alpenrose said...

"Ich Freue Mich an Meinem Tod" is another one for today... the whole CD, actually.

A great many of us singers lit a candle and, I'm not ashamed to say it (although you all may scoff), cried ourselves to sleep.

We are bereft.