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Best Recordings of 2018 (Re-Releases)

Time for a review of classical CDs that were outstanding in 2018 again! This lists the re-releases, the list with all choices, including the new releases, can be found here.


For the usual premable, go to the complete lest. Here, meanwhile, are the links to the past iterations on ionarts and

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# 10 - Re-Release

Joseph Marx, Orchestral Works v.1, Steven Sloane, Bochum Symphony, Naxos 8.573831

available at Amazon
Joseph Marx, Orchestral Works v.1
(Nature Trilogy, Symphonic Night Music, Idyll, Spring Music)
S.Sloane / Bochum Symphony

“To each instrument according to his ability, from each according to its timbre”, you might recall, was – famously – Joseph Marx’ mantra, when sitting in his Vienna office of the university, composing the colorful panoplies that are his orchestral works. There are those who say that his music, untimely then, outdated soon thereafter, lacking modernity or forward-drive, landed on the ash heap of history. But not so, thanks to a band of steady Joseph-Marxists, such as the American-in-Bochum Steven Sloane, who continued the fight and made valuable recordings of this lush whipped double-cream romanticism. These were made for ASV with his Bochum Orchestra – which brought the little band in the coal-mining West a bit of fame. But ASV is no more and the 1994 recordings out of print and scattered to the winds. But here cometh Naxos to the rescue, re-issuing these still very fine (albeit not perfect; just imagine the Vienna Philharmonic in engagement-mode or the Dresden Staatskapelle play these) recordings. For all these reasons, this first of three is most welcome, indeed!

# 9 - Re-Release

Antonio Rosetti, Symphonies & Concertos, Johannes Moesus, Hamburg Symphony, MDG 601 2056-2

available at Amazon
Antonio Rosetti, Symphonies & Concertos
J.Moesus / Hamburg SO

MDG, that quintessentially Mittelstand-CD label from Germany, has been slapping single disc releases together as Twofers as re-releases for a while – all roughly twenty years after that practice was common with Philips DUOs and EMI double-fortes et al. That’s not to say that good things don’t come of that, especially as the original liner notes are fused and retained which is especially welcome when it comes to the lesser known composers MDG is known to highlight. In this case it was Antonio Rosetti who got that treatment, with MDG joining their symphony and concerto recordings of the Mozart contemporary. Such supremely charming music – to which this set is as fine (or better) an introduction as any. “It isn’t, strictly speaking, absolutely necessary to compare Antonio Rosetti (1750-1792) to Haydn or Mozart. But as soon as you hear a few bars of his D major symphony those two superstars of the classical-classical era will pop to mind. Not that the comparison is new; it was common enough even in the composer’s lifetime.” Full ClassicsToday review here.

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in ictu oculi, knotted tongues, of time and disillusionment

review in #KlassikHeute (German)

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#morninglistening to #Fauré’s #Pénélope on @warnerclassics /#Erato w/@MonteCarlo_Orch under #charlesdutoit


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#morninglistening to #Mahler on @ChannelClassics...

#morninglistening to #Mahler on @ChannelClassics w/@BudFestivalOrch. #ClaudioAbbado may have died on this date, but @fischer_ivan was born!



i#Symphony No.9 ☆☆☆

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#birthdayboy Fischer once told me he’d never conduct/record a full cycle because he didn’t like the 8th, for one, and because others could do that better. I wonder if the @budfestivalorch will record it eventually - and then with which conductor. 😈😀
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On ClassicsToday: Peter Gregson Banalizes Bach (CD from Hell)

CD From Hell: Peter Gregson Banalizes Bach

by Jens F. Laurson
I like re-orchestrations, transcriptions, and re-compositions as much as the next guy. In fact, more than the next guy. Max Richter’s re-composed “4 Seasons” is terrific in its way; Hans Zender’s “composed interpretation” of Die Winterreise can be endlessly fascinating. Uri Caine’s Mahler is supremely... Continue Reading [Insider content]

Caro Claudio Abbado, Who Died Today - Five Years Ago

Claudio Abbado's recorded legacy is already undergoing a more critical reception than it had been during his last decades and immediately since his death. The fawning subsides and even in polite society one can point out that he was capable not only of some truly thrilling peaks of interpretation but also of braod swaths of boredom. But on his fifth deathiversary, let's celebrate the good and the great and the marvellous by poiting back to this remembrance of George A. Pieler's and mine for

The 13 Best Recordings of Claudio Abbado: A Remembrance

...and this portrait of Abbado's I made for the lovely but now defunct European edition of Auditorium Magazine.


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#morninglistening to #Debussy on & w/@londonsymphony on #SimonRattle’s #birthday!

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#morninglistening to new #JohnScofield release: not...

#morninglistening to new #JohnScofield release: not #classicalmusic per se but a classic!


♡Just *LOVE* #Scofield ♡ Which merits the rare #Jazz intrusion into my posts.

Sounds like he’s picking up with #Combo66 where he left off with “A Go Go” in 1998.

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