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Ionarts Turns 3

Happy Third Birthday, Ionarts!Three years ago yesterday, I published the first post at Ionarts. Since that humble beginning, I have published posts from many guest contributors and welcomed some of them as full contributors. For their excellent work, we have only their boundless generosity to thank, since arts and culture blogging is not a paid endeavor at Ionarts, at least not yet. We're working on that. At some point this year, Ionarts published its 2000th post (this post is no. 2092) and we had our 300,000th visitor. If you like what you read at this site, please spread the word. We're trying to keep to our chosen subject matter, with brief and infrequent tangents hopefully kept to a minimum.

The first word in the Ionarts subtitle is "music," and the majority of our posts deal with classical music, covered by the tireless Jens F. Laurson and me, your humble moderator. I turn my attention to other subjects in the arts from time to time, as do Todd Babcock (film and television) and Mark Barry (the art world). We will still hopefully receive occasional reports from Frank Pesci on the classical music scene in Boston -- he tells me that he has even started his own blog, Narcissistic Plate -- and Oksana Khadarina on ballet and photography. To all those who have graced the pages of Ionarts in the past year -- Frederick Pollack, Robert R. Reilly, George Pieler, John Henry Crosby, Richard Fitzgerald, Anita Joshi -- we extend our gratitude.


Mark Barry said...

Do we have to share the cake?

Oksana Khadarina said...

But it does look colorful!

Princess Alpenrose said...

Congratulations to my ornery, extremely knowledgeable, very intelligent and marvelously opinionated "brothers" in music at ionarts.

And thank you and welcome to all the newcomers, (Oksana!) you talented new contributors who expand our palates and horizons for music and the arts in the DC area.

We love to read and comment, and hope ionarts lives long and prospers!

ariadne (whose blog just turned 1)

(PS I'm firing up the espresso-maker now. We're gonna need it to get through that decadent cake!)

Frank Pesci said...

i dont know - are those mentos?

Mark Barry said...

Your teasing, you know that cake is already in Min-Critics belly.

Princess Alpenrose said...

Hope you poured him a *gigantic* glass of milk!

rb said...

i think they're skittles

happy bbday ionarts! did you make a wish before you blew out those candles?

Anonymous said...

Mazel tov! You guys are the best. Bacioni ed abbraccioni from vilaine fille