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Natalia Gutman, Cellist Extraordinaire

Natalia Gutman is hardly a household name; there are cellists who are far more famous. But ask a musician who knows her, has played with her, or heard her in concert, and you get to hear only the highest of praise. I have not heard Mme. Gutman, the wife of the late violinist Oleg Kagan (an equally supreme and just as under-appreciated violinist), but talking with a pianist about the Tchaikovsky trio a few days ago, Natalia Gutman's name was mentioned when the virtues of a performance and recording of the Tchaikovsky work with Gutman, Kagan, and Sviatislov Richter came up. Fortunately, the opportunity to convince yourself of her abilities is just around the corner: tomorrow at 7:30PM she will perform at the Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater. If I hadn't already had tickets, I would have gotten them after the unsolicited rave that her colleague (unaware of her recital in Washington) bestowed upon her.

The program includes the Bach Suite for Violoncello Solo No. 3 in C major, BWV 1009, the Brahms Piano Trio No. 3 in C Minor, op. 101, Schubert's Arpeggione Sonata, and - in his centenary, the Shostakovich Piano Trio No. 2 in E Minor.


Anonymous said...

"Is there a greater woman cellist alive and why is she not playing concertos in London? She has the longest, slowest bow in the business while reaping the largest sound imaginable," I read about Natalia Gutman in the review published in "The Independent" last November. It should be a wonderful concert, indeed. Thank you for the post.

jfl said...

she has a slow bow, indeed! it wasn't perfect but it was VERY enjoyable. Post tomorrow morning.