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In Appreciation of Clouds

As an artist, I am always on the prowl for ideas, color combinations, composition, or a touchstone to reality of some sort. Something in the natural world to compare my decisions against. I’m never, ever disappointed when I glance up and view some of the best painting ever: clouds.

When I’m working on a painting and have doubt as to whether some portion is “believable” or not, it’s probably already been done by a cloud formation somewhere, especially at sunrise or sunset. I’ve witnessed some amazingly bizarre formations and color combinations. My experiences tell me absolutely anything is possible: it’s quite liberating.

That’s why when the mysterious envelope arrived in the mail last week, with the Euro postage, I was very excited. It was my membership in the Cloud Appreciation Society! What better way to start the new year?


Anonymous said...

all that cloud-loving - for just $5.51. what a bargain!

Mark Barry said...

Was that post too "fuffy"?

Anonymous said...


i always suspected you had your head in the clouds.

Mark Barry said...

and there it will happily stay.