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Changes Afoot at Baltimore Symphony

The news is out today that James Glicker, president and chief executive officer of the Baltimore Symphony, has resigned from that position and will be replaced by a member of the BSO Board of Directors until a permanent replacement is found. This news was reported by Tim Smith (BSO chief quits after 18 months, January 19) in the Baltimore Sun and by Tim Page (BSO chief quits after 18 months, January 19) in the Washington Post. Glicker was reportedly the major force behind the hiring of Marin Alsop as Music Director, a position she will assume in 2007. Glicker has stated publicly that the resignation was his decision and that he felt comfortable about leaving after the apparent success of Marin Alsop's recent concerts with the BSO. Tim Smith was positive, but Jens saw it differently for Ionarts.

We are waiting for comment from the little birds who often sing to us about what is happening inside the BSO.


Anonymous said...

I too saw it differently.

Charles T. Downey said...

Well, no peep yet from the little BSO birds, but here is what the BSO musicians say officially at their Web site:

The Musicians have released this statement about the resignation of BSO President James Glicker and the appointment of Gar Richlin as interim President: "This is a challenging time for orchestras around the country and in spite of that the BSO has made important gains over the past several years, such as the opening of the Strathmore Hall. The musicians have great respect and admiration for Gar Richlin as a business professional and a classical music lover. We look forward to working with him."

And, in other words, James Glicker, we hope the door hits you in the ass on the way out.