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Another Year!

And I'm still here, thank you. It's time for me to write something for this blog. Birth-month celebrations can be time-consuming, and they're not quite finished, mind you.

Although my posting has been slim, I have been getting a lot of painting done. Spring is a very inspiring time of year, buds and shoots popping out everywhere. The smell, the warm sun, fewer clothes; everything is new! Driving my daughter to school this morning, we were surprised by a blizzard! It blew through in minutes, pretty amazing.

Going to NYC tomorrow to make the gallery rounds. Lots to see: I'll have a post with plenty of pictures over the weekend. Happy Spring.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Mark Barry said...

Thank you,OO. That was the best gift, all day! Wait that was also the only one, hmm.

rb said...

happy birthday Mark! all the best to you

Mark Barry said...

Thank you Barbie, I mean rb!

Princess Alpenrose said...

Happy Birthday, Mark! Wishing you many, many more such creative and joyful years.