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What, This Old Thing?

Some of our favorite online reads have put on some fancy new frocks. French daily Le Monde, which I read regularly for its excellent coverage of the arts, has tweaked its look, but I'm not sure yet if for the better. The International Herald Tribune also has an interesting new look, as well as a new page of international Arts and Events, which brings together some of their (extensive) arts coverage, including something called Ear for Opera, which obviously interests us greatly.

This reminds us of the pressing need for a redesign here at Ionarts, which has changed little over the nearly two years we've been rattling around the place. The decoration here is obviously not done by a professional, so we're looking for some ideas as far as updating our appearance. Anyone with ideas can send them to me. We can't pay anyone anything, but we will give you full credit and our undying gratitude.

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