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Rain on My Kinetic Parade/Race!

And rain it did. It rained so much that we could have done without the harbor water trials. I took some incredible pictures, too. Probably, without a doubt, the best ever. However, to keep my camera dry I would shoot and then put the camera into my coat; shoot, coat. Who knew the lens would fog up! I had at least 30 shots of pure white or foggy lens white. Besides my goof-ups the race was fabulous. One of the best reasons to live in Baltimore is the American Visionary Art Museum and the incredible group of artists and supporters who turn out for this race. It's alive! and the crowds love it. As loose as this event seems, each team pours its heart into their creation and puts together a costume to match.

The best part is that everyone is a winner. As with life itself, 85% is just showing up, and if you can look good all the better.

As I mentioned in my previous posts (here and here), Team Platypus was a favorite. I didn't get to see the final look of the craft until race day, and they obviously worked over time. With a nice red paint job and added crow's nest and formal wear, they were all pro. The team took the honor of "most mediocre." I'm proud of you guys. (Wait, I need a moment.)

OK, until next year you can go here to see some of the pictures I took of the day, or to this nice piece in the Baltimore Sun, or to this MP3 courtesy of WYPR in Baltimore.

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