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Roman Necropolis Discovered in Modena

A little article (Le garage et la nécropole romaine, November 30) from France 2 Cultural News describes the finding of a Roman necropolis underneath a car dealership near Modena, Italy (my translation):

Cars and archeology can go together, as the experience of Italian Antonio Barbieri has proven. This car dealer, based near Modena, has decided to preserve a Roman necropolis discovered during construction work for his new location and to make a museum out of it. A tomb stone was found on the site, with an inscription from the 2nd century AD and the remains of a funeral banquet. The site is along the Via Emilia, one of the most important Roman roads in Italy. The site and findings will be preserved as found and "exhibited for public view in glass cases next to the very high-tech structure" of the new dealership, explains the owner's wife. The excavation is "interesting because of the very good state of preservation" of the tombs discovered, add Mariangela Barbieri.
I haven't been able to locate any further information or any pictures. Mr. Barbieri needs to put some online.

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