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Largest Statue in the World

Nimazeren, Reclining Buddha, Guifeng, China, 2004According to a piece [formerly] in the set of articles (Chine: Le pays de tous les records, December 6) by Eric Chol for L'Express, the world's largest existing statue has recently been completed in Guifeng, China. No, it's not one of those colossal Buddhas sculpted in the caves along the Silk Road hundreds of years ago, although it is near them:

This reclining Buddha, in Yiyang district [Jiangxi province], is the world's largest statue: 416 meters [1364.81 feet] long, and 60 meters [196.85 feet] between the highest and lowest parts of his body. Finished this past October 13, this sculpture conceived by artist Nimazeren for the tourist site of Guifeng ("summit of the turtle") required more than two years of work. It symbolizes all of China's excesses.
I'd like to see the Taliban try to blow that up. No, I wouldn't. No luck finding anything else on the artist or the work.

Since the original piece I saw in L'Express has evaporated into the virtual ether, this article now appears to be a worldwide Ionarts exclusive. You saw it here.

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