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Da Capo, Please

From the Department of "Ha! Ha!" (the sneering call of favorite Simpsons character Nelson Muntz), there is this little article (Mobile phone halts concert, December 1) from Ananova, about a conductor who abruptly stopped a concert in Copenhagen in the middle of Ravel's Daphnis et Chloé. Why? Because he heard a cell phone going off in the audience.

Danish paper Jyllands Posten says [French conductor Marc] Soustrot immediately halted the performance and waited for the ringing to stop. Then he asked his musicians to begin the performance from the start, making them repeat a large section of the ballet score.
This story was also carried in a little article (Handy-Gebimmel stoppte dänisches Symphonieorchester: "Daphnis und Chloe" - und die moderne Telekommunikation, November 30) in Der Standard, as well as in a score of other German newspapers. I think that more conductors should follow suit and make this a general practice.

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