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My Big MoMA-ent

It was so damn cold in Manhattan on Thursday that I would have paid $20 to get out of the weather: oops, I did.

Crowds in the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2004I don’t know if more can be said about the new admissions fees at the MoMA, but one thought is, if you want more great art to be made, artists have to have access to the library on a regular basis.

I was starstruck on my first visit to the new Moma, because all the big boys and girls were back. I really did miss them. The treat for me are all the drawings, watercolors, and prints on view in spacious, well-lit, new digs. I need to see the spontaneous process, the drips and erasers. I probably spent most of my stay in these galleries.

The new MoMA is still familiar, just a lot bigger. Even with the crowds, the traffic flows well. I enjoyed the openness of the central atrium: it's visible from any floor, great for people-watching. A little mint between gallery courses. Welcome back and thank you, trustees, for spending all that money on art.

Back into the cold and down to Chelsea. Gilbert and George seem to be everywhere, at Lehmann Maupin and Sonnabend galleries anyway. They're big and brighter than than ever. They should consider putting themselves in their art more, kinda like Oprah.

Some exhibits of note: Lori Taschler at JG Contemporary, I love this small store front space. Martha Rosler at Gorney Bravin + Lee, real cutting photomontages; some things never change. Armando Morales at Robert Miller. A Robert Ryman room full of white, at Pace Wildenstein and a discussion going on at artblog.

Season's greetings to all! Love, health, good will towards everyone and peace on earth: it is possible.

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