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Perceptions of MoMA in Europe

If you just can't get enough of the noise about the new MoMA, I think that Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes has the most thorough assortment of links to the chatter. One thing Tyler has omitted: my little translation of the review of the new Modern in Le Figaro (Le nouveau MoMA, November 16). The European newspaper coverage has been quite interesting, so here's a selection of articles:

The general impression I get from reading these articles is that the MoMA story is reinforcing some of the stereotypes of the United States as a money-obsessed capitalist empire. ($800 million to build a museum! $20 to get in!) Also, European critics have been noting the absence or slighting of some European modern artists, which is hardly surprising (that the Modern would present a specialized collection or that Europeans would notice lacunae). There is a sense of competition, of course, which drew a lot of comparisons with the Beaubourg and the Tate Modern, especially. Interesting reading for we 'mericans.

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