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It's a Record

If I may borrow a gesture from Terry Teachout at About Last Night, this morning there are people in 14 time zones, the largest number I have seen so far, reading Ionarts. (That Terry last noted only 13 time zones for his blog is small consolation for my comparatively limited readership.) Hello, Alaska, Brazil, and New Zealand! There are a number of hits today from a site in Japan called Ivo at the Ivories, which I gather is an admirer's tribute to pianist Ivo Pogorelich (looking for Jens's review of his recent concert here in Washington), but since the site is written in Japanese, it's hard for me to tell you anything more.

Please, faites comme chez vous and come back often!

During the day after this post, Ionarts received visitors from 16 time zones, again breaking the record. Welcome, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, and Australia!

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