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Bronzés 3

Anyone who likes French comic films will be happy to hear about this little article (Le tournage des «Bronzés 3» débutera en mai 2005, November 8) from Le Nouvel Observateur. The Splendid team responsible for the absolutely hilarious two films of the "Bronzés" (Les Bronzés, 1978; Les Bronzés font du ski, 1979) will begin shooting a third film in the series in May 2005. Actor-director Michel Blanc announced that the team is working on writing the script right now.

"It's moving ahead. At this point, we are meeting every day, with the other members of the team, at Marie-Anne Chazel's place. Thierry Lhermitte is typing for us with his computer because he types the fastest," Blanc explains. "The ideas are firing from everywhere around the table. We are as driven as we were 25 years ago!"
Other familiar faces who will appear in the third film include Christian Clavier, Thierry Lhermitte, Gérard Jugnot, Josiane Balasko, and Dominique Lavanant.

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