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Late Caravaggio Exhibit in Naples

Caravaggio , l'Ultimo TempoA little article (Dernières années du Caravage exposées à Naples, October 28) from France 2 Cultural News reviews a new show, Caravaggio, l'Ultimo Tempo 1606–1610, at the Museo di Capodimonte, in Naples, until January 23, 2005 (when it will move to the National Gallery of Art in London):

The exhibit evokes the four last years of the artist's life, a period during which he was constantly in flight for having killed a man during a brawl. These fugitive years allowed him to create some of his darkest and most important works, from The Crucifixion of Saint Andrew to The Scourging. "These were the hardest years of his short life, a time marked by painful events and the bitter awareness of the drama of the human condition which is found in his latest works," declared the curator of the exhibit, Nicola Spinoso.
Also in the show are The Supper at Emmaus, Salome with the Head of John the Baptist, the restored Saint Francis in Meditation, Paolo Geraci's copy of the lost Nativity with Saint Lawrence and Saint Francis, Portrait of a Knight of Malta, Beheading of St John the Baptist, Annunciation, and the Burial of St Lucy. There is a Galleria immagini, with 12 of the paintings, and a complete list.

David Nishimura also wrote about this exhibit at Cronaca, on October 31.

See also Charlotte Higgin's review (Caravaggio's final works at National Gallery, November 3) for The Guardian and Roderick Conway Morris's review (Caravaggio and his demons, November 13) for the International Herald Tribune.

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Unknown said...

Does anyone have a full list of all Caravaggio works that were at this exhibition or know where to find?