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Please, Someone, Buy Me!

A record company with a sense of humor, Hyperion advertises some of its non-selling discs with steep discounts on their website:

Do you prefer your claret dusty? Here are our "top ten" albums which no one—at all, worldwide—has bought from us for the longest period of time. Grimy shrinkwrap a distinct possibility.

This list will be refreshed every couple of days. By buying any of these albums you will automatically remove it from the list when it is next calculated; so be quick while the massive discount is available.

While I wouldn't buy "The Essential Hyperion", either, the Ives "Romanzo di Central Park", the Sibelius Songs with Katarina Karnéus, and the Schumann and Schubert song cycle editions are absolutely steals at five (weak!) Pounds.

1 comment:

Charles T. Downey said...

Ha -- that is a stitch. I definitely agree about Gerald Finley's Ives disc, which is excellent.