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In Brief

LinksHere is your regular Sunday selection of links to good things in Blogville and Beyond.

  • The author of a favorite blog is reading Proust and has some comments on the narrator's fun with etymology. [Language Hat]

  • The author of a new blog in the other Washington, the state with voting representation in the national legislature, will be in Washington this week. Everyone is going to the Cleveland Orchestra concert. [Classical in Seattle]

  • Tim Smith took the audience at opening night of Baltimore Opera's La Forza del Destino to task for laughing and making inane comments at inappropriate moments. I was there, too, and it was annoying. He received some strange comments about the whole thing, too, only a few of which he has made public. We know all about oddball comments here. [Critical Mass]

  • All doctoral candidates dread comprehensive exams (or General Exams, as they are known at Harvard) but usually enjoy the experience when it is over. Ryan's Generals caused him some interesting anxiety dreams. [amusicology]

  • Yet another person falls in love with Rome. I would move there in a second. [Laila Lalami]

  • Korngold, Korngold, Korngold! [Jessica Duchen]

  • Les Arts Florissants's production of Il Sant'Alessio will be broadcast on the Internet on October 18. I know I will be tuning in. [Playbill Arts]

  • If you missed Natalie Dessay on Charlie Rose, it is available online, too. By the way, I could spend hours watching archived shows with Charlie Rose. Hours. [Charlie Rose]

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