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Attention, Subscribers

Over the past year or so, several readers have suggested that Ionarts send out a weekly e-mail newsletter with a summary of each week's posts and corresponding links. Some of you check the site here and there and miss a few posts, and others of you rarely click through or let the posts pile up in your RSS reader. If you received an e-mail regularly, you could at least see what we were writing about and read the full posts that interested you when you had time.

Well, we aim to please. If you would like to receive the new Ionarts e-mail circular, subscribe by sending me an e-mail -- put the words "Ionarts Newsletter" in the subject field -- with your name and e-mail address. I won't answer any of those e-mails individually, but I will put your name on the distribution list for the regular digest, hopefully to be sent on Mondays. You may ask to have yourself removed at any time, of course.

While we are on the subject of clicking, some readers may not realize why we link to the Amazon page for a recording, DVD, or book under review or discussion, usually with an image of it. If a reader clicks through that link and buys the item, Ionarts gets a modest cut of the profits, at no extra cost to you. So if you would like to buy something we have reviewed, even if you decide to do so long after reading our review, come back to Ionarts and click through our link to buy it.

Many thanks for reading!

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