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Blogging for Burma

Ionarts is not about politics or the general news, a focus we try to honor faithfully. However, when you start arresting and killing monks, all bets are off. October 4, 2007 -- which just happens to be the feast day of Francis of Assisi -- has been declared Blogging for Burma Day in support of bringing international pressure to bear on the tragic situation happening in Burma. So join with your prayers, sign the petition, send e-mails -- or better, call -- your representatives. [If your representative can vote in Congress, that is. -- Ed.]

Most cell phone and Internet service in Burma has been disrupted, and the government is now going after bloggers, but there are many resources to follow the events: U.S. Campaign for Burma, the BBC, Flickr, and the always thorough Newsgrist.


Unknown said...

Just wondering-- why would arresting and killing monks any worse than arresting and killing ordinary civilians? The latter has been happening for decades in Burma, and in many places. Perhaps the more pertinent question is, what took these supposed "holy men" to protest the injustice in their society?

Mark Barry said...

Your right giorgio, of course. I think the revered monks crystalize the event and their presence, in robes, attracts the world's attention. That is good.

libby said...

go get'm mark!

Mark Barry said...

namaste Ms. Libby

rb said...

it's not worse for the monks, the suffering is just as horrific for them as it would be for anyone else- but they make it readily identifiable by those on the outside, which is why the monks have voluntarily made themselves a highly visible target, a symbol

to help sustain needed courage in their fellow countrymen (and women), for world focus, and to draw close scrutiny to something malevolent which has been kept under wraps with impunity

and for Aung San Suu Kyi

(speaking as the granddaughter of a Buddhist 'subversive radical' whose only crime was in being an intellectual with principles and hope in an illiterate country occupied by brutal imperialistic military forces- he was 'taken away for questioning' one day in his 20s, without warning, and was never heard from again)

Mark Barry said...

Thanks such, I thought that last quote was pertaining to the U.S.. It's sad to think that if this is resolved it will be because of money. Some how seizing the back accounts of the generals will be the key.