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i on who?

Armory Show passCan't get no respect!

Thank you for your interest in the fair. We reviewed your request for a press pass and regrettably, will not be able to issue one.

Your blog does not demonstrate any recent writing. We have a limited number of press passes available and need to reserve them for active, working media.

We hope you can visit the fair during public hours.

Warm Regards,

Pamela Doan
Communications Director
The Armory Show, Inc.
As Todd at From The Floor also posted this morning, the rejections are going out. If you got into the Armory Show with a press pass last year and you're a lowly blogger, you're probably out of luck. I suspect the passes are reserved for early buyers, as last year there were as many pre-buyers as press. Few bloggers were responsible for all those sold stickers on press day. Maybe Artblog, those gurls have serious bling and resources.

To rise from the sewers, the Whitney press office is very happy to know I'll be at the press briefing for the Biennial. Thank you Whitney Museum! Can I also be in the show? OK, the coffee and pastry will be fine.



The nice folks at the Armory Show kindly reconsidered their initial decision. Thanks to everyone who wrote nice things about us, especially Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes, who reacted to the Armory Show's decision with the following: "And then to cluelessly disregard one of the most-widely read all-arts blogs around? Mistake." We read Tyler's blog every day, and you should, too.

Mark, we expect a full report! [--Ed.]


Anonymous said...

"Your blog does not demonstrate any recent writing."


Anonymous said...

On that subject... perhaps???

Mark Barry said...

Hey, I was in a fatal car crash, wudda ya want?

Princess Alpenrose said...

Well, I for one wish I could get a press pass (= free ticket?) to see Turandot!

The fact that I'm a singer-blogger who might actually learn the role and who parenthetically has other singer-blogger-readers who might one day perform the role, some reader-singer-bloggers of whom actually DO sing at Paris Opera, Chicago, soon the Met too, probably wouldn't impress them, though. Nor would my/our relentless fascination with opera performance, practice, staging, roles and fachs, I suppose.

Still, perhaps I should take up the pen/keyboard again, and brush up on my writing skills to get some tickets to these things! ($110-200 each is just too steep for me.)

Mark Barry said...

Go for it Ariande! Email the press office of your choice, you may be surprised.

Mark Barry said...

the presure.

Princess Alpenrose said...

mebbe i should try