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Vincent at the Met

Drawing Van Gogh

Drawing is the root of everything.
OK, run all the way to the Met: Vincent is calling! There aren’t many exhibits that have gotten me excited lately, but Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings is a real pleaser. Over 100 pieces, pen and ink, charcoal, graphite, and several juicy watercolors.

This show begins with Vincent's early, more formal or rigid work, and then around the spring of 1888 he finds himself. The line becomes bold and free; drawing and painting seem as one.

Throughout, text from van Gogh’s diaries and the incredible letters to his brother Theo allows you to see and feel his process and his excitement; he knows he’s on to something. His writings for me are as valuable as his paintings: he is surely like no other.
I really believe one must learn to draw in such a way that it becomes as easy as writing.
If you think you're doing enough drawing, this show will humble any artist, and it's only up through December!


rb said...


i wish i lived closer

Mark Barry said...

It's worth the trip! Do your holiday shopping, Barbie

Anonymous said...

Deinitely worth the trip. I made it & was glad I did. The man had more talent than he could deal with.