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I'm way behind on this one, but isn't it a general rule that museums should eschew the exclamation point when creating titles for exhibits? Apparently, the Guggenheim did not get that memo. Carol Strickland reviews their new exhibit, Russia! (open through January 11), for the Christian Science Monitor (Iron Curtain lifts on Russian art, October 7):
After touring a massive exhibition of Russian art, Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, expressed confidence that American visitors to the Guggenheim Museum "will feel the soul of the Russian people." If anything can represent the vastness of the steppes, it's this comprehensive show, on display until Jan. 11, 2006, exuberantly titled "Russia!"
Yes, but will it allow us to see into his soul, like President Bush? No, on second thought, we don't really want to see in there, thank you very much. The Web site barely has any images, so I should really not give this exhibit any play. However, it sounds so interesting that I can't resist. Well, it's fairly likely that I will be in New York before January...


Anonymous said...

"The Web site barely has any images..."

Actually, the web does have some images:
This exhibit looks very impressive!
Thank you for pointing it out.

Charles T. Downey said...

There are over 200 works in the show, and Web images of only ten or so. I stand by my original statement.