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Preparing My Dirty Looks

You know, at the beginning of the summer, ten weeks of vacation seems like an endless amount of time. However, every year when the first faculty meeting rolls around (tomorrow), I wonder how all that time could have disappeared so quickly. Couldn't we start school in October instead? My friends who work regular jobs, where there is no concept of summer vacation, are amused (and secretly disgusted) that my family operates only on the academic calendar. Not that most teachers really don't work at all in the summer, because most do. They have to, because the pay is so low. Still, just being able to go away from school, perhaps work with adults for a change, is the most refreshing thing you can imagine. I am sure that most people would benefit from such a regular change of routine. Lawyers could drive buses, waitresses could work in an office, whatever. The only problem is that, eventually, you have to go back to school. Sigh.

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