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Maria de'Medici Back in Florence

Maria de'MediciOne of the things that Mark Barry mentioned, on his recent Ionarts junket through Italy in May, was an exhibit on Maria de'Medici in Florence. It's called Maria de'Medici: una principessa fiorentina sul trono di Francia (in English, Maria de'Medici: A Florentine Princess on the Throne of France), at the Museo degli Argenti in the Palazzo Pitti until September 4 (reworked from a 2003 exhibition in the Château of Blois). Roderick Conway Morris has recently written about the show (Marie, France's Florentine queen, July 30) for the International Herald Tribune. That article is not so much a review, since it never actually discusses what is in the exhibit (more's the pity), as it is an overview of Maria de'Medici's life. Other than that, I haven't found much in the mainstream press. A little article from RAI has the following information:

This exhibition, supervised by Caterina Caneva and Francesco Solinas, involved the concerted efforts of both French and Italian experts alike. In the first section many different portraits depict the Medici court during the final decades of the sixteenth century. Afterwards there is a selection of works and objects of a political nature, which Maria would have seen in Florence in her youth. There are also elegant pieces on show from the workshops of Buontalenti, bronzes by Giambologna, plus maiolica, glass and gemstone artefacts and fine furniture. The second section reflects the sumptuous feasts held for Maria's wedding and other events in her court life. A separate section focuses on France, with paintings of local production from leading museums all over France.
That is still not all that helpful. The exhibit's Web site does have a gallery of 35 images.

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