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BlogDay 2005

Supposedly, today is BlogDay 2005, although today is also the first day I had ever heard of it (from Andrew Taylor at The Artful Manager). This summer, an Israeli blogger named Nir Ofir (at Spark Armada) came up with the idea that, on August 31, bloggers should direct their readers to five new blogs, preferably outside of their interest area and from other countries. This appeals to me because I agree that, although I like the organic nature of how blogging networks develop, we are often cut off from one another by language and subject barriers. Why don't you take a gander at these candidates for your attention?

  • Edward Winkleman, a new addition to the New York blogging arena (where one of you doesn't come out alive). He has kindly linked to Ionarts, and we love his mix of politics and the arts. Today's post about the Bush tax cuts and their bias against the arts is a fascinating piece.
  • Low Culture is a very entertaining commentary on the crazy world. Not to be missed are recent posts Quelle surprise! Iraqi women to be fucked over! and Draft Abdul: Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back for America.
  • Language Hat is an engaging and in-depth blog on all things linguistic. Maybe it's just because I love language, and not just my native one, that I consistently find reading this blog so rewarding. (Disclaimer: this blog has also linked to Ionarts in the past, in reference to the French edition of Ulysses. We were honored.) If you read it lately, you would know where to find a good online Yiddish dictionary and what on earth Nheengatú is.
  • Whenever I want to find a new blog or something interesting on the Internet, I turn to the ever-resourceful Plep. Steven Green, based in London (I believe), never disappoints with his daily assortment of interesting and curious links, and he has what is, I'm fairly sure, the most complete blogroll in Blogville. (Two other excellent blogs, Wood s lot and mediaTIC, are in close competition for that honor.)
  • Last, Loïc Le Meur is a francophone blog that has a companion blog in English (or maybe it's vice versa). It's totally new to me, as of right now, which is really what this day is supposed to be about. His focus is on the phenomenon of blogging, especially in France, and it is interesting to read so far.

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