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Nuit Blanche a Hit

Leandro Erlich, Vertiges, Paris, 2004I gave a short preview of the third annual Nuit Blanche, an all-night government-sponsored artistic event in France, which took place this past Saturday (October 2). According to the French newspapers, the event was a big success, drawing over a million visitors (see Plus d'un million de personnes ont passé une Nuit Blanche, October 3, from Le Nouvel Observateur), which breaks the previous record. One of the events that I referred to in my preview was called "Vertiges," six dancers suspended in the air all night on ropes and trapezes, at the old Hôpital Saint-Lazare. The picture to the left shows what it looked like. Other reports are available from L'Express, TF1, Le Monde, and Libération.

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