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Exhibits I Want to See

There are some good things to see at museums in Washington right now or in the near future. I'm going to do my best to see these exhibits over the next several weeks and write something about them here. In the meantime, see what you can see through the wondrous agency of our friend, the Internet.

Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes has a good list of gallery recommendations, too. (You should listen to him: he writes for Bloomberg News now.) Also, can anyone tell me when and how the Brooklyn Museum of Art will be permanently installing Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party? (Supposedly, it "will be permanently installed in 2004 on the fourth floor of the Museum.") On my next trip to New York, I would really like to see it, in all the free time I will have from not being able to afford the new MOMA (and the Guggenheim, while we're at it).

On Flavin, see also Michael O'Sullivan, Flavin's Enlightening Installations (Washington Post, October 8).

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