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The New Corcoran

Powerbook Wing of the Corcoran Gallery, sponsored by AppleIt is not news that the Corcoran Gallery of Art (and College of Art and Design) wants to expand and has contracted with superstar architect Frank Gehry to create the new wing. However, you may not have gone to the museum's Web site to look at the images of what Gehry has proposed to build. It's curvilinear, it's titanium, it's dramatic, and the museum leadership is in the middle of a big campaign drive to pay for it, as well as other modifications to the facility. (I had not really given this much thought, but the Seward Johnson show that caused so much controversy may have been partially due to the institution's need to bring in some serious coin, which Johnson's show certainly did.) Looking at the pictures of the planned new wing and its shiny titanium, I had the thought that the perfect corporate sponsor is out there (folks from AOL have already pledged $30 million, so why not?). If Apple pledges the rest of the $120 million the museum says it needs, they could name the new wing the Powerbook Wing, and a corporate logo could be tastefully applied (as in the imagined version shown here).

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