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That's Good Reading: Fully Credited Links

To prove that we at Ionarts are not solely enraptured with seeing our own words in print, here is a selection of interesting things to check out, out there in Blogistan (a humorous alternative to the less sonorous "blogosphere," brought to my attention by Byzantium's Shores):

  • I had already learned that Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes shares my interest in hockey (Tyler is a Caps fan, which has got to hurt right now), and now it turns out that Terry Teachout's blogging partner at About Last Night, Our Girl in Chicago, has an interest in that noble sport, too. On March 10, she had some interesting comments to divert us from the negative attention the game received following the terrible injury inflicted on Colorado's Steve Moore by Todd Bertuzzi of the Vancouver Canucks. (Bertuzzi has a long record of nasty checks and other goonery, and we are not surprised that he has finally put someone in the hospital, only that it took this long.) We also thank OGIC for directing us to Eric McErlain's hockey blog, Off Wing Opinion. For the record, the Ionarts film critic and I grew up together in the great state of Michigan and are ardent supporters of the Detroit Red Wings. Are there other bloggers out there who like hockey, too? (I already know that Byzantium's Shores does not.)
  • I had to laugh at Nathalie Chicha's Not Nice Observation, No. 3892 at Cup of Chicha. Liv Tyler is a beautiful woman, and if her Oscar appearance and performance in the Lord of the Rings movies do not make you realize that, then you have only to view Stealing Beauty to see that I am right about this. She has an awkwardness about her that, although it can be embarrassing (as in the still on display at Cup of Chicha), is ultimately appealing.
  • I believe that you can never see too many images of France, so it's good to learn that photoblogger David F. Gallagher of has decamped to Paris for a while. (This link comes to us by way of Greg Allen at David informs us that the RATP, the authority that administers the Métro system in Paris, has recently offered 47 blank billboards in its stations for passengers to write on. These spaces will be available for free expression through March 18.
  • Heather Mathews Mungen (a thousand apologies to Heather for this mistake), whose reporting on the arts in Germany at hem|mungen is regular reading, had some interesting commentary on the exhibit of works from the Museum of Modern Art in Berlin, on February 14, February 16, February 23, and February 25. You can also see reviews from Deutsche Welle (February 17) and an article (Le MoMA divise Berlin, March 7) by Odile Benyahia-Kouider in Libération. This sort of exhibit, a large selection of a foreign museum's important collection brought to your city, is remarkable and, I would guess, rare. Anyone out there have a preference for a museum they would like to have come to, say, Washington, D.C.?

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