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Rosa Parks (1913–2005)

Rosa Parks
"Back then, we didn’t have any civil rights, it was just a matter of survival. I remember going to sleep as a girl, hearing the Ku Klux Klan ride at night… afraid the house would burn down."
"It pains me that there is still a lot of Klan activity and racism. I think when you say you're happy, you have everything that you need and everything that you want, and nothing more to wish for. I haven't reached that stage yet."
Lest we forget, the Ku Klux Klan is still active to this very day.


Ariadne said...

Guess how old she was when she took her famous stand (says the birthday girl...)

Anonymous said...

42... (Happy Birthday, andrea! (?))

Mark said...

Happy birthday Andrea!

Ariadne said...

Madame thanks you gentlemen most graciously ...