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Over on Surprised by Beauty: "Curtain Up For Decca Gold"

Certainly going with Beethoven is going against the grain, somehow, in a time where critics and social media Zeitgeist-surfers all around are clamoring for classical music to become something, anything, else…

Curtain Up For Decca Gold - The New York Philharmonic's Boldly Reactionary Choice Of Beethoven

L.v.Beethoven, Sy.s 5&7, NYPhil, J.v.Zweden, Decca Gold

Beethoven’s Fifth and Seventh Symphonies! You couldn’t find a more classic, more traditional, more time-honored, more staid coupling if you tried. In a way that’s the quintessence of classical music. And in a way that’s the quintessence an old-fashioned idea classical music. There’s an inherent tension in this choice.

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