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Forbes Classical CD of the Month: The Jazzy Space Chicken Baroque Hypersuite

...And what reaction exactly is that? For one it’s the unanimous declaration that this CD would be an excellent record to play in the background at just about any occasion… followed – and that’s the kicker – by intent listening. Foreground Muzak? Background sublimity? “The ‘Hypersuites’” are acoustic remixes of baroque pieces”, explains the booklet. “Improvisation and variation are baroque techniques. Running separate pieces together into a suite for some special occasion was a common practice. Pianist and composer Marina Baranova builds on these ideas in the ‘Hypersuites’: Her ‘mixed tapes’ are recompositions of pieces by Couperin, Bach, Rameau and Handel. She thus creates a new and coherent work of art – Virtuoso Baroque Music of the 21st Century.”…

-> Classical CD of the Month February 2018: The Jazzy Space Chicken Baroque Hypersuite

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“Hypersuite” (Rameau-Couperin-Bach-Handel),
Marina Baranova,
Berlin Classics

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