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Forbes Classical CD of the Week

…As every clever Scarlatti disc or recital should, this one has had some thought put into the selection and arrangement of the sonatas, rather than just willy-nilly lumping together personal favorites. True, the pudding-proof is in the listening, not the admiration of the thought behind it. But it’s worth mentioning all the same in this case, especially since on Claire Huangci’s disc it works so particularly well: The pianist (whom I heard at the 2011 ARD International Music Competition, where she came second, then still performing as Tori Huang) arranged bundles of sonatas in the form of baroque suites (disc 1) and classical sonatas (disc 2), as laid out by her lucid, well-written, and refreshingly level-headed liner notes:…

-> Classical CD of the Week: Scarlatti Classical And En Suite

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D.Scarlatti, Keyboard Sonatas,
Clarie Huangci (piano)
Berlin Classics

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