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Quatuor Thymos @ KC

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Schubert, String Quartet No. 13 ("Rosamunde") / Lieder, S. Haller, Quatuor Thymos, C. Eschenbach
(Calliope, 2009)
Charles T. Downey, After blizzard, Thymos Quartet creates warm concert atmosphere (Washington Post, January 27)
After four days in blizzard seclusion, a few people were ready to hear some live music. While most of Washington remained closed Monday, the Kennedy Center opened its doors for a few performances, including an evening concert by France’s Thymos Quartet. The house manager of the Terrace Theater asked listeners to feel free to take empty seats closer to the stage, creating an atmosphere even more like a home concert.

One good reason to have made the effort to get across a city still only partly dug out from the weekend’s historic snowfall was the chamber music of Franz Schubert... [Continue reading]
Quatuor Thymos (with Anne-Sophie Le Rol and Delphine Biron at second violin and cello)
With Yann Dubost (double bass) and Christoph Eschenbach (piano)
Fortas Chamber Music Series
Kennedy Center Terrace Theater

Charles T. Downey, Quatuor Thymos (Ionarts, January 25, 2016)

Stephen Brookes, Thymos Quartet at Kennedy Center (Washington Post, March 13, 2012)

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