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On Forbes: Simply The Perfect Box Set: 'Maria Callas Remastered'

Simply The Perfect Box Set: 'Maria Callas Remastered'

In the classical music CD industry there has been (and continues, to some degree) a re-issue trend that is little more than a race to the cheapest common denominator. At the lower end, the product that is put out is not much better than a download and often inconvenient on top. This has diminished the value of these sets (and perhaps even the physical product as such) as much as it is indicative of an independent trend in that direction. A bare-bones box without proper information and added value is no more than a shoddy receptacle for a number of CDs – and that brings to mind questions about whether it might not be time to take to the post-physical age on music and go digital. There are, after all, some high quality options out there and the finest HiFi equipment producers cater to the market, for all the kinks it still contains.

Then again, for every trend there is a counter-trend. One could look at the modest but steady rise of vinyl. Silly, if you look at it from...

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