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Dip Your Ears, No. 198 (Mahler Transcribed)

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G.Mahler/B.Walter, Sys. 1 & 2
arranged for piano four hands
Trenkner & Speidel Piano Duo

Mahler Doubling Down on Ivory

What do you give the Mahlerian who already has everything and of each Symphony five or twenty recordings? Why, piano transcriptions of those symphonies—in this case of Symphonies One and Two, arranged by Mahler-student Bruno Walter. The liner notes are onto something when they liken the effect of this music to seeing a three dimensional building in a two-dimensional painting. Except that the arrangement adds at least half a dimension of its own. Almost ten years after their terrific Mahler arrangement of Bruckner’s Third Symphony another quasi-essential Mahler miscellany from the engaging, utterly musical Trenkner & Speidel Piano Duo!

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