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Dip Your Ears, No. 189 (Fazil and his Mesopotamian Universe)

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F.Say, Mesopotamia, Universe
(Symphonies 2 & 3)
C.Eyck, F.Say / Gürer Aykal / Borusan Istanbul PO

Meandering From the Cradle of Civilization to the Outer Universe

Fazil Say’s “Mesopotamia” Symphony features 130+ musicians, the most imaginative use for the Theremin (Carolina Eyck) since Midsomer Murders, and is—as per Say’s (then) suggestion—his biggest step forward yet, compositionally. A loosely structured, abstract telling of geography and metaphorical story, it meanders and pounds with a mellowness much of which is emphasized by the prominent bass recorder and muted string-plucking inside the piano (a Say trademark, oft employed in his incredible Rite of Spring transcription and Black Earth Concerto). More Theremin and other eclectic instruments await us in Universe, a symphony assembled into music by way of astronomical theories, principles, and unbridled fantasy. In the decent-sounding live recordings, the Borusan Orchestra under Gürer Aykal impressively proves itself to be the finest in the region.