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Dip Your Ears, No. 127 (The Bright Motion)

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P.Burke, W.Brittelle, M.Dancigers, R.Brown, J.Mayrose, J.Greenst
The Bright Motion,
New Amsterdam Records 036

Pianist Michael Mizrahi showcases six brand new short compositions for piano, of which he commissioned four. The names Patrick Burke, William Brittelle Mark Dancigers, Ryan Brown, John Mayrose, and Judd Greenstein meant nothing to me until now, but their works are consonant consumer-friendly vignettes, thankfully without pretense of greatness; lulling one moment, playful and perky another. Ryan Brown’s second of Four Piano Pieces is a particularly funky gem. The performances speak considerably more to the artist than his self-serving liner notes and the whole release serves as a great reminder of the continued vitality of “notational music.”