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In Brief: Not Getting Any Younger Edition

LinksHere is your regular Sunday selection of links to good things in Blogville and Beyond.

  • Lots of music critics on the West Coast have written about Betty Freeman, who died last weekend, as a patron of contemporary music -- Alan Rich, Joshua Kosman, Mark Swed, plus a nice piece on NPR. Tyler Green has written an excellent tribute to Freeman the art collector. [Modern Art Notes]

  • Prepare yourself -- the End is Near for your morning coffee ritual with that old newsprint relic, the daily newspaper. But, just maybe, it won't be so bad. [The Atlantic]

  • Congratulations to Jessica Duchen, who has gotten one of those professional blogging gigs, writing about Mendelssohn. [BBC Composer of the Year]

  • The budget has to be cut, so New York eliminates arts grants but continues to give more money to the Yankees, the wealthiest ball club in the universe, for overruns on its new stadium. Ugh. [Maud Newton]

  • Milan has snow, beautiful snow, but not Washington. In winters, I miss Michigan the most. [Opera Chic]

  • With hat tip to Alex Ross -- He may get fewer than a hundred words, but Bryant Manning is writing classical music reviews for a publication known for not having any. [Entertainment Weekly]

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