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In Brief

LinksHere is your regular Sunday selection of links to good things in Blogville and Beyond.

  • Joyce DiDonato plays the Concertgebouw -- we are looking forward to hearing her new recital CD. She has pictures, too. [Yankee Diva]

  • One thing is clear: never, ever doubt the word of Opera Chic. As the long-eared sibyl of Milan prophesied, Baltimore Opera has filed for bankruptcy and canceled the remainder of its season. [Baltimore Sun]

  • If there is any classical music left in Baltimore, who knows how long the Baltimore Sun will be around to cover it. Does anyone want to buy a newspaper in the present financial climate? Could such a person find a creditor? Even the Washington Post reportedly lost money in 2008. [Wall Street Journal]

  • The mainstream media, thankfully, took note of the 100th birthday of Elliott Carter. [Charlie Rose]

  • Avery Cardinal Dulles -- the glory of American theologians -- requiescat in pace. [Whispers in the Loggia]

  • Blog fatigue sets in after a year or two, and many bloggers we have admired over the years have hung up their hats (*sniff* Addio, Vilaine Fille). Hang tough, Phil Ford! [Dial "M" for Musicology]

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