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In Brief: New Year's Edition

LinksHere is your regular Sunday dosage of interesting items, from Blogville and beyond:

  • Jeremy Denk dissects the slow movement of Schumann's D minor piano trio, from the inside out, with his own musical example sound files. [Think Denk]
  • Jeremy writes about music on many levels, including the analytical, in which he shows a fairly thorough knowledge of music theory (as would any trained musician). For full consideration of the post linked above, see also Scott Spiegelberg's response to one of Jeremy's old posts, about what use music theory is. [Musical Perceptions]
  • Sarah Noble has hit on a neat idea: an Advent calendar, with a YouTube video of an opera singer for each day of December, "full of soprano wondrousness." [Prima la musica poi le parole]
  • I wrote about the Robert Carsen production of Bernstein's Candide earlier this week. The production was scheduled to go to La Scala, an event that Stéphane Lissner has just canceled. [Opera Chic]
  • Bloomberg's headline for this opera sneaks in at the last minute to steal the title for best unintended vulgar pun of the year: "La Scala Cancels 'Candide' Production Showing Bush on the Beach" [Bloomberg News]
  • Wait, Candide is back on, with the naughty bits removed. [Opera Chic]
  • The era of all-male bias in German and Austrian orchestras was over, right? Not so fast, meine Herren und Herren. [Musical Perceptions]
  • Do I believe my eyes? Sieglinde is back? "The New York Times review of the I Puritani by premier critic and starfucker Anthony Tommasini is full of crap." Yes, that's Sieglinde, alright. [Sieglinde's Diaries]
  • Picks for Top 10 Classical CDs of the Year: Marc Geelhoed | Alex Ross | Jessica Duchen | Steve Smith | Billboard

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