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Announcement: Mozart Lecture

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available at Amazon
Daniel N. Leeson, The Mozart Forgeries (2004)
Daniel Leeson, author of The Mozart Forgeries and other books, is in Washington this week. He will give a pre-concert presentation at the Library of Congress today (December 7, 6:15 pm) on The "Gran Partitta": From Mozart to Jefferson. Later tonight (8 pm), the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment will play the piece, which Leeson helped to edit for the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe, in a free concert.

The following announcement comes from Bonnie Jo Dopp, a musicologist and librarian at the University of Maryland. Daniel Leeson will give another lecture earlier today (December 7, 11 am) on The Story of the Discovery of Hidden Mozart Memorabilia, in the Piano Room: First Floor, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Here is the abstract:
Until he died in 1787, Leopold Mozart, Wolfgang’s father, kept many souvenirs of his son’s youthful exploits in a glass-front cabinet in his Salzburg apartment. Some of these, such as a snuffbox given his son by Louis XV of France, were valuable objets d’art. Leopold also is likely to have had paintings of family members, such as his wife, mother-in-law, and children. However, exactly what he owned is uncertain since, for more than two centuries, there has been considerable mystery about what happened to his estate following his death. This lecture describes a collection of objects, purchased from an Italian street vendor, that appear to have formed part of Leopold’s estate, and traces their remarkable journey into the 21st century. The collection adds considerably to our knowledge of the life of Mozart and his family.
Leeson purchased this collection three years ago. He is in the process of writing a book about the discovery, planned for 2009.

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