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Trace Miller's New Work

Trace MillerI haven’t seen Trace Miller’s work for several years. To my great surprise I came across an announcement for his latest show at Galerie Françoise et Ses Frères, the longest gallery name in town.

Happily it turns out Trace is still with us: he’s a lecturer at Towson University and is continuing to produce a well-painted, personal, thought-provoking, body of work.

Trace MillerIn Trace’s paintings it’s always more than what you first encounter on the surface. His paintings are composed through a thick layer of paints and then excavated, often adding collage elements, searching for the image or combination that suits his need. This exhibit embarks on that exploration using the landscape as its starting point, more emotion-scapes. The trees in Miller’s landscapes are ghost-like figures, with roots nourished more from memory than water. As he says in his statement, they are representations of cycles of life and mood.

I hope we get to see Mr. Miller on a more regular basis.

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