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Subway Series Scuttled

Detroit Tigers logoAs regular readers know, I grew up in the Great State of Michigan. You can take the boy out of Michigan, but you can't take Michigan out of the boy. Even after living in Washington for 15 years, when it comes to sports, I still root for the teams of my youth. Here I was getting ready for the Detroit Red Wings season, without Steve Yzerman, while the Detroit Tigers had actually made it into the postseason. Imagine my delight tonight as the Tigers even managed to send the hated New York Yankees home early.

Of course, I remember the 1984 Tigers from when I was in high school, but recent history has not been too kind to us Tigers fans. So, with apologies to Vilaine Fille, Sieglinde, and you other New Yorkers, allow me to have a hearty laugh at the expense of the wealthiest team in major league baseball.


Agent Bones said...

Go Tigers!

It was awesome to see the Yankees humbled, but it was better to see this collection of Tigers rise to the challenge and take a step forward.

Now if we can make it to the World Series, we might have a chance to make it a Two-Fer and take down the Mets too!

Charles T. Downey said...

Thanks, Doug! Are you able to get to any of the games? Go, Tigers!