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Links from All Over

Our own Ionarts artist-in-residence, Mark Barry, is mentioned, with a picture, in an article in today's Washington Post (Meet Local Cloud Appreciation Society Members, August 27) about cloud appreciation societies, related to Joe Heim's big article on the cloud appreciation phenomenon (Cloudspotting, August 27). If you found your way to Ionarts today because of that article, here are some links to Mark's posts about clouds:Pliable has gone on a tour of the resurrected Frauenkirche in Dresden, and he has photographs to show. Two years ago, I wrote about the project to rebuild that historic church, and I am thrilled to see these recent pictures. (On an Overgrown Path)

I may have been on the cutting edge as a musicologist writing a blog for years now, but the neighborhood is growing. A group of musicologists (Jonathan Bellman, Phil Ford, and Richard Wattenbarger), with the approval of the American Musicological Society (although not officially under their aegis), has launched a musicology blog, Dial "M" for Musicology. Funny and interesting posts so far: how do you tell people you meet that you are a musicologist (the M-word) and, riffing on a recent news topic, Pluto Busted to "Dwarf Planet"; Holst Vindicated. (Dial "M" for Musicology)

I have been meaning to mention Fullermusic, a blog written occasionally by Cathy Fuller, who is a classical music broadcaster at WBGH in Boston. In an excellent recent post (Thumbs, Well-Armed Men and Generous Friends, August 6), she ponders ink spills, corrections, and other errata in composers' manuscripts. There is no better way to come into direct contact with the musical past, and she has provided great images. There are long spells of silence on this blog, but I am happy when a post from her pops up in my RSS reader. (Fullermusic)


Oksana Khadarina said...

Mark!!! Felicitation!

Mark Barry said...

Thankyou, oksana. Nothing like a cloudy day..