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Things I Like in NYC, Part 1

IMG_0373.JPGI am lucky enough to have a few days in New York City this week to look at art and also design. One of my favorite trade shows is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, at the Javits Center. I've posted about this before (in 2004). It has some of the best new furniture and interior designs from several countries: Italy, Scandanavia, Germany, Great Britain, and the U.S. Here are some of my favorites from this year: the most comfortable chair, the HairyBertoia; the coolest party lounger, the king-sized Isle Lounge. This hay bale mattress could be itchy, but with this high chair your baby would be a trend setter.

IMG_0364.JPGThe Danish Design Center had a very nice concept store, called the FLOWmarket,to inspire consumers to be more aware and shop holistically. The products were actually for sale (here and here and here are examples); very funny but thoughtful. There was row upon row of textured fabrics, wallpapers, dinnerware; the next generation of recliners, very cool bathtubs, and hundreds of lighting fixtures.


For my musically inclined colleagues at ionarts, the Poul Henningsen grand piano, designed in 1931.


george pieler said...

JFL can have the grand; I'll take a Danish recliner, thanks.


Mark Barry said...

It's got a stainless steel body. Sounded a bit like a steel guitar. Some beautiful recliners to choose from.