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Critical Edge: Arts Journalism Blog

Starting yesterday and continuing through Wednesday, ArtsJournal is hosting an online discussion about the future of arts criticism, Critical Edge: Critics in a Critical Age. Tyler Green, our favorite arts blogger at Modern Art Notes and official Friend of Ionarts, has spent much of his time there defending bloggers and doing a damn fine job of it, too. For people who are so concerned about the "quality of writing" and how it is deplorable in Blogville, those journalists make their share of spelling errors and hold uninteresting opinions. It would probably be a good idea to understand what arts blogging actually is before dismissing it. I'll keep tabs on that as it develops.

1 comment:

Mark Barry said...

Main stream is in such disarray with all the buy-outs and reorganization, lots of fear. There is a lack of understanding too. It's not entirely about a given post, typos and all, it's the open discussion, the back and forth between bloggs and the linking. Both are as valid. A small blogg may have more readers than an established print publication; exciting times.