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Let Go of My Renoir!

I must add my two Euros to the latest Barnes Foundation twist. Excellent blog-scoop by the way, Tyler and then the sleuths at artblog. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell announced yesterday a $25 million state donation to the “Barnes moving kitty.” This would bring the Barnes Foundation a step closer to raising the projected 150 million it needs to build a new structure and move the collection from its home in Merion to Philadelphia.

I am probably in the minority here, but I have never been in favor of this move. Sure there are many issues, missing pianos, and problems with the past board members of the Barnes Foundation; incompetence comes to mind. Moving the collection from its home in Merion is a drastic and unnecessary solution and a waste of money. It also disregards the wishes of Dr. Barnes as stated in his will, you know, that legal document. Next thing we’ll be stealing private property through eminent domain to allow developers to, now that’s just silly.
Barnes Foundation


libby said...

Watch out honey. Once we let Rebecca Rimel know about your farm, your chickens are in danger.

As for the Barnes, it certainly was incompetence and a nimby neighborhood that couldn't see the forest from the trees as the situation developed (and now rues their old stuffed-shirt ways).

Cleaving to Barnes' will created the situation and the incompetent board. If you concede the board needed changing, then you're in favor of violating his will on that count. The fox is in the henhouse and chickens are his dinner. Unless the chickens will rise at Easter, the situation is here and so's the deal. Time to get over it and rejoice that someone other than retirees are going to feast on the work.

Mark Barry said...

I'm sorry youg lady, I don't speak the language of metaphore, without a lot of beer.
Changes to the board wouldn't violate the will. All we need here is competent chickens, mine are real peckers!

Terry said...

While the collection is fantastic, the original setting offers something irreplaceable, too. There is a sense of history with his unique educational methods on display. Moving it downtown to add to a culture theme-park was clearly not Dr. Barnes' intention. Too bad the folks with the deep pockets could not donate to keep the Barnes intact.

Mark Barry said...

Right on Terry. The more i read in the press, the more sad I become. Politicos and those in favor of the move tend to be clue-less about Dr Barnes's true intentions and self-serving. This stinks!